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Martin Kippenberger, Catalogue, Villa Arson, 1990

Catalogue d’une exposition de Martin Kippenberger à la Villa Arson en 1990, avec un texte de A. R. Penck (“Pauvre Martin, ou comment peut-on être Persan?”) et une introduction de Christian Bernard (“La sycophante et l’histrion”).

Ce livre provient de la collection de Pascal Doury. Plus d'infos ici.


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Isabelle Graw, The Love of Painting. Genealogy of a Success Medium, Sternberg Press, 2018

Painting seems to have lost its dominant position in the field of the arts. However, looking more closely at exhibited photographs, assemblages, installations, or performances, it is evident how the rhetorics of painting still remain omnipresent. Following the tradition of classical theories of painting based on exchanges with artists, Isabelle Graw’s The Love of Painting considers the art form not as something fixed, but as a visual and discursive material formation with the potential to fascinate owing to its ability to produce the fantasy of liveliness. Thus, painting is not restricted to the limits of its own frame, but possesses a specific potential that is located in its material and physical signs. Its value is grounded in its capacity to both reveal and mystify its conditions of production. Alongside in-depth analyses of the work of artists like Édouard Manet, Jutta Koether, Martin Kippenberger, Jana Euler, and Marcel Broodthaers, the book includes conversations with artists in which Graw’s insights are further discussed and put to the test.

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